Pressure Washing

Is your house looking a little dirty and in need of a cleaning? look no further than our pressure washing service. Our team can clean any brickwork, patios, driveways or windows to bring them back to their original state. You will notice the difference immediately!



Pressure washing removes 20 years worth of dirt from the exterior of your home, as well as keeping it clean in between cleanings. It increases the value of your home and improves its aesthetics, making it one of the most cost-effective investments you will make. We are passionate about maintaining homes and delivering a quality service at an affordable price!

Exterior of Modern Suburban House
Backyard Washing
Removes 20 Years Worth Of Dirt!

If your home’s exterior needs a little work to remove 20 years worth of dirt and debris, pressure washing is the solution. Clean Slate provides top quality pressure washing services clean your home’s exterior quickly, effectively and affordably. 


Patios & Slabs


Decks & steps