Never Too Late, For A Clean Slate!

 Clean Slate offers all type of cleaning services in UK. We have complete knowledge of all cleaning and maintenance service, which includes pressure washing and soft washing. Our organization is available 24/7 (24 hours a day) 365 days a year, this gives you freedom to call us whenever you want. After covid cases we realized today's world is no longer the same as yesterday's world. To keep people safe and away from harmful bacteria and at the same time prevent damages to homes and commercial properties, taking care of the council and looking after our community with state of the art & latest useful equipment we decided to offer our brand "Clean Slate" to bring cleanliness back into your life

Construction Site
Group Planting a Tree


Saving The Planet!

Our planet is suffering and we need to make a change. At Clean Slate, we are dedicated to planting 1 tree for every 4 jobs we do by partnering up with local charities. Due to climate change and global warming our planet needs our help. We want our children growing up in a safe planet where they can see the beauty of rather world . Join us in our mission by helping us save the planet and joining us in our mission. Contact us for more info